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Working Hard to Help Our Customers Succeed!

We design online and offline: William Digital Agency ensures that you are visible online and offline.

Design bureau with strategic insight in East Africa with expertise in the Dutch digital industry.

We are designers

William Digital Agency is an independently owned International corporate publishing firm based in Maastricht, The Netherlands and Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania that focuses on the corporate sector in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.

We cater to the communication departments of corporate companies established in East Africa.

We have gained strategic insight and experience from years of analysing Dar Es Salaam's market to studying the Dutch digital know-how industry in The Netherlands. This has enabled us to build a reliable platform to carry out our professional services internationally through the combining of these two innovative worlds together.

Our services include: creating offline and online reports, digital magazines such as staff magazines, designing annual reports and building websites.

Our specialisation

[Annual] Reports

The big question for many
companies year after year is
“How do we do this?”

Online Magazines

Use our software to make your online business publication with our support!  


Use our template editor to make your website without technical knowledge with our support!

Some of our customers

About William Digital Agency

William Digital Agency was founded in 2020 by William Janssens in Echt in the Netherlands. He started as a graphic designer as graphic designer AON in Rotterdam.

William has lived in Tanzania for more than 23 years and has built a strong network in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania with an office in SalaSala, Dar es Salaam. The company is a supplier of printed and online publications, such as online magazines, annual reports, brochures, research reports and calendars.