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Annual Reports

The big question for many companies year after year is “How do we do this?”

‍At William Digital Agency we specialise in designing annual reports for corporates in East African countries, by breaking down complex information and visualizing data through infographics to meet our client’s needs. We aim to help stakeholders understand the company’s work in a more coherent and well-presented manner. 

Suzana Agola Aroko
UONGOZI Institute

"It's always a pleasure and a relief to work with William. He quickly picks a client's vision and transforms it into aesthetically pleasing products. On top of this, he delivers on time even under tight deadlines."

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Annual report ESRF

Annual report Swissport

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UONGOZI Institute


How much does it cost?

An answer to this is not easy to give. This completely depends on the work involved.

For instants to make your legal report more accessible we can add building blocks like Facts & Figures, Key figures page (results for the last 2 or 5 years), Vision / Mission, Value creation model (IN/THROUGH/OUT/OUTCOME), SWOT and/or RISK radar, Governance structure (model) provides trust, Quotes, testimonials, Custom photography (CEO, CFO, BOARD) on location, possibly in theme.

We aim to listen carefully to our clients to provide the right design for your (annual) report. Please send an e-mail or call me for further information on
+31 6 26109866.