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To keep the costs down, we use building blocks where you have the freedom to create your magazine/website that is best for your company, together with our helpdesk. Within these building blocks, we can make the most diverse website designs.

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No printing cost, Interactive and measurable through google analytics

Georgia Mutagahywa
Legal & Corporate Affairs Director, TBLPlc

"I have had the pleasure of working with William through the years and greatly benefited from his digital transformation journey. At Tanzania Breweries Plc, in particular, we no longer incur printing costs for our magazine - The Daily Brew. The publication is adaptable to mobile, tablet and desktop screens. Additionally, its interactive digital format allows our employees to participate in quizzes, trivia or surveys. This digital medium provides us with visibility on popular content which we, in turn, amplify through other channels. Production of the magazine is also faster since we can edit in the document ourselves in real-time. William also does our annual reports and always delivers them timeously in a clean yet powerful format that follows the style guides of our global and zonal headquarters. William has truly demonstrated the power of technology - he delivers everything on time and per our specifications although he is not domiciled in Tanzania."

omslag TBL daily Brew

3 reasons why you choose an online magazine

Technically, an online magazine is comparable to a website. Yet there are some major differences.

Specific goal

online publications are excellent if you want to send a business message to your target group within a set time.


online magazines ensure that visitors keep coming because you divide information into smaller pieces. information is presented in a clear with a front and back to indicate the beginning and end of the publication.

Visitor numbers

To ensure that your website is visited, you will need to focus on SEO (search engine optimization). To ensure that your online magazine is read, you will have to edit your target audience with, for example, an attractive email to introduce your magazine.